Thursday, September 5, 2013

Lorenzo: A Theater Review

The College of Saint Benilde hosted the maiden run of Lorenzo, a rock opera based on the life of the first Filipino saint, San Lorenzo Ruiz. It is the first production of Green Wings Entertainment Network directed by Nonon Padilla with music by Ryan Cayabyab and produced by Christopher De Leon.

The story of Lorenzo Ruiz is a story of courage. He was martyred in Japan for not renouncing his faith when he was caught with the missionaries. It is also a timely play because we have OFWs(Overseas Filipino Workers) suffering the same fate in a foreign land. This is a story were all Filipinos can relate. I never knew a single Filipino who is not related to an OFW.
What's a mobile suit doing in a musicale?
Watching Lorenzo will be a different theater experience. It is also a play within a play. A modern story that progresses with flashbacks of Lorenzo Ruiz's experiences. Even though the musicale is done in Tagalog, there is an English subtitle for foreign audience. In my opinion, this story will make the audience theologize the situation. There are symbolisms that reflects in this musicale.
The production staff and cast of Lorenzo
Why do it in opera? Because opera has intense emotion. Although, I watched it with a contemporary band, it is already good. Mr. Cayabyab said to watch it with an orchestra. Hopefully, this production will not only end in Benilde campus. I am hoping that this will also be seen in other theater venues so it will attract more audiences. The cast are also professional theater actors.

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