Sunday, September 8, 2013

My Pilates Orientation

I first heard about pilates from my sister. She was serious about getting fit because she is a ballerina. I was given opportunity to try it out. What I didn't expect that it will be done one-on-one. I was introduced to one of Options Studio's instructors, Ms. Joella Bustamante.

She explained the purpose of one-on-one sessions is to give more attention and focus for the individual. In addition to that, it will help the instructor examine the individual on the first day so he/she will have an idea how they will help the client progresses in the later sessions.
What I realized during my first session with Ms. Joella that I there are parts of my body that I never got to use and it felt good when it was stretch.  It is also different from traditional gyms which focus only on weight lifts and thread mills.
Ms. Joella told me that these sessions will develop my posture and balance in the future. I look forward how my next five private sessions will help me. There will be a time that I will join a group session. This is just a teaser post. Watch out for my actual article after finishing five trial sessions. Options Studio is located at the fifteenth floor of RCBC Tower One in Makati.

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