Thursday, July 18, 2013

Ring Of Fire By Armscor

I haven’t been to a gun factory before. When I was invited to join a tour at Armscor main office, I didn’t pass the opportunity. Every year, Armscor gives a tour for the media to orient us about their history. Upon arrival, there was a display of their top of the line pistols, rifles and shotguns.

I also got to see how the guns are manufactured. The process was both machine and hand-made. Besides the guns, they also manufacture different types of bullets and shotgun shells. After the tour, we were lead to the shooting range where we can try out the pistols ourselves. Although there are various models, they are proud with their one pistol in particular.

There is a reason why the pistol called the Ring Of Fire. It was able to shoot repeatedly and you can see the ring of fire literally surround the pistol as it blows up the watermelon. It really has a powerful jolt when I got the chance to hold it and even with the earplugs, it still got my ears ringing.

Armscor vision is for everyone to own a gun responsively. Although it will be hard to register for gun license, Armscor means well that a gunless society can also be a defenseless society. Armscor not only markets here but also in the U.S.

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