Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Grab Taxi App

In getting a ride from a taxi, there are two problems that we should deal with especially in Metro Manila. Most of the time, you negotiate with the driver who doesn't want to use a meter which is illegal. Secondly, you can't be assured of safety since there are cab-related crimes where the driver is also an accomplice.
Since most already have smartphones and gadgets at their disposal, the solution to this is just with the touch on your fingertips. The Grab Taxi app for android and ios equipped devices. This app can help you hail a cab without worrying about the problems.
When you download the app at Grab Taxi website , you can now book your destination  and the designated driver will pick you up. How does it work? By setting up a ride along with the destination and pick up points along with your contact number, the nearest Grab Taxi driver who's available to accept the job will respond and once he accepts it, his mobile number, license plate number, and his photo will appear in you app and shows his current location in the map as he gets on his way.
This will not only guarantee your ride but also make you feel secure that the driver is trustworthy. Grab Taxi coordinated with the existing taxi fleet and selected their most reliable and trustworthy drivers. This app was first used in Malaysia and is now benefiting the National Capital Region as a start. I already knew a couple of friends who already benefited from this service.
There are still limitations of this app. There may be restrictions of picking up from malls and airports since they are still negotiating about it so you can meet up the driver outside the designated area for now.
Grab Taxi launch
While on the way to the launch of Grab Taxi, a designated driver fetch me near my place and told me how he benefited from this app. According to him, it is a risk to patrol the area hoping you could get passengers. With Grab Taxi, all you can do is wait for the app for a job dispatch. This way both the driver and the passenger benefits.
Grab Taxi requires additional charge excluding the fare and flag rate of P70.00 but its a small amount to ensure your safety and convenience.

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