Sunday, July 14, 2013

Manhattan Sky Garden

Cubao are is the first commercial district with leisure and entertainment peg. It's been like that since I was a kid when it was not yet heavy traffic along EDSA. Cubao is also almost the center of everything.

Cubao housed the Big Dome in Araneta Center where the biggest events happen. It also a landmark for it's market. Long before we have the supermalls, Cubao already has Ali Mall. Cubao also has the most bus terminals that goes almost anywhere outside the Metro.

This is why it is also convenient to live in Cubao where you can not go far just to have the necessities. One one event, the Manhattan Sky Garden hosted a magician's showdown where I also judge as a novice judge and it is just along the street.

It just shows that there are more gimmicks that may happen in just down the streets of Manhattan Sky Gardens. Manhattan Sky Gardens has an elevated gardens that makes a good jogging route.

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