Thursday, July 4, 2013

A Night With The Philippine Apprentices

Philippine television is no stranger to reality shows and although there is nothing new, the Asian region provided a more challenging reality show. The Apprentice originated from U.S. that made us tuned to who will Donald Trump fired next.
The Apprentice reached our region but without Trump. Air Asia CEO Tony Fernandes host the first Apprentice Asia. What made it different from its American counterpart that it involves countries with different cultural background.
Apprentices Celina and Jonathan
We had two apprentices from the Philippines. Celina Le Neindre and Jonathan Yabut. I got to meet them in person. You might noticed that the season is not yet over. The remaining episodes are taped and they are awaiting the first winner of Apprentice Asia.
Mr. Mark Lankester
Celina and Jonathan shared their experiences in AA without spoiling us. What makes the Pinoys have advantage, according to Jonathan, is the ability to adapt in many situations which is what I admired about him. He thinks out of the box.
As a working class individual, I got to experience this. I made myself more an asset for the company rather than a liability. One of the advisers of the show was also present during the event. Mr. Mark Lankester shares that to be the apprentice , it doesn't matter where he/she came from, what matter is the talent and experience.
Unlike the U.S. Apprentice, Apprentice Asia is more tamed, less back stabbing. Mr. Fernandes gives Apprentice a different approach compared to Mr. Trump. Mr. Lankester ends that after the winner is proclaimed, it will be followed with the biggest party.
I urge fellow fans of Apprentice Asia and the rest of the country to support our Philippine apprentice. Tweet as much as you can with hashtags  # AACelina #AAJonathan #apprenticeasia  This event was brought organized by Air Asia and Tune Hotel. The Apprentice Asia airs every Wednesday night on AXN.

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