Sunday, June 23, 2013

Victoria Court's Newest Thematic Suites

Two years ago, I featured Victoria Court thematic suites as an ideal venue for party packages. Now, I am featuring their two newest rooms that will enticed your senses.
It is a fact that our society especially us Pinoys has no positive view about motels. We cannot change the way people think just like that. Our minds are also clouded by what we want to know which is why I am writing this.
Almost the same time after publishing my previous article, one conservative and close minded acquaintance of mine found out about that I got a free 5 hour certificate at the Court. He ask(more like demanded) to have it. I said that I am using it for a group party package. He didn't believe me one bit and said that I am not qualified to use it because I am not yet in a marrying relationship. This is one example why most people have perverted thoughts about motels.
Unlike some motels, Victoria Court accepts families with children except for specific group parties i.e.  stag parties. Victoria Court is also ideal for photo shoots. When I toured the Canley branch last time, I came across a crew from a magazine preparing for a photo shoot at their White House theme. Victoria Court also have packages for photo shoots.
Back to the new thematic rooms. The first one I toured was the Fifty Shades room which is inspired by the popular bestseller. Upon entering you will feel like you are going up the elevator to the penthouse of fictional character Christian Grey. This was conceptualized by Victoria Court's resident architect Mr. Mark Sia. He said that he had to cross reference the novel and reimagined it in this themed suite. There's a replica  of a grand piano that has a pole on top of it for pole dancing purpose with a matching view  as if you are looking out the city window and the red room of pain.
What makes this room unique is the effect of being interactive. Like a normal residence it has regular house lights with classical music on the background  and when it turns to the red room of pain, the lights are switch to red with heavy background music. There are four chambers with sexy costumes and the red room itself is equipped with  "toys" on display and "torture devices" like the strapping device that can rotate a human being at 360 degrees at the foot of the bed. I volunteered to try and be strapped on and got rotated up side down.

The next new room is the Asgard room. Inspired by the recent Marvel's Thor movie which coincidentally has new movie coming this year. The room was painted with 19 karat gold all over and the room's Jacuzzi pool is designed with Odin's throne. The interactive part of the room is when you use the prop Mjolnir, Thor's hammer, in any a surface or even just swing it in the air, the room will simulate the lightning powers with light/sound effects equipped all over the room. The prop is equipped with a sensor.
These rooms can be flexible. They are not just for parties and photo shoots, you can also have launch events there as well. The Fifty Shades room is in Victoria Court Canley branch only while the Asgard room is in Victoria Court. Canley and Malate branches. For more features about Victoria Court and its advocacy and events, visit and like the L.E.N.S. blogs on Facebook.
See you in Court!

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