Friday, May 31, 2013

A Day At Playa Laiya

I haven't been out of town all summer so when I got invited for a beach party/tour at Playa Laiya, it is timely to see the beach property of Landco Pacific Corporation in San Juan, Batangas. Just 2 to 3 hours away from Manila by road, it was only when I set foot on the facility that I realized I had it a handful in store for the day.
A view of Plaiya Laiya from a speedboat

Upon arrival, I noticed the club house area that was Asian inspired. As I set foot and my sights on the beach, I began to appreciate the place. I never thought there was such place in the Southern Tagalog region. You need not go far as Boracay to spend time at the beach.
Cottages at Plaiya Laiya

We were oriented about the property operated and owned by LANDCO that this is exclusive for future residents. Plaiya Laiya residents will design their own houses as long as it is Asian inspired. With a beautiful beach like this, it is a sure thing that it you will get to do a lot of stuff.

To get the whole view of the shoreline, LANDCO arrange a speedboat tour. I was able to get a seat at the bow, the forward section of the boat; so I was able to see it cut through the water as the boat propelled off.
After the speedboat, we went snorkeling. On a 10 feet deep further in the beach, we are enjoying the sights of the corals there. We set the best part to last which is the banana boat. We took turns for jet skiing before preparing to go back to reality.
One day is not enough for me to enjoy this beach property but am hoping that we can return in future events. You could enjoy these amenities and benefits if you are a resident in Laiya. I was told there is also a similar LANDCO property in Davao. If you wish to know more about Playa Laiya, visit the LANDCO website. |Tell them you read about the Laiya from the LENS blogs.

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