Monday, May 6, 2013

L.E.N.S blog logs this week

For everyone's information, L.E.N.S. blogs is not just one blog. Besides this one, it is composed of blogs with specific topics like movies, food, music, sometimes travel and my geek interests. I am now backlogging what's new this week.
Poster photo courtesy of Marvel Studios

It was also the week of Iron Man 3 when it broke record of the opening day sales. Here's my review of the movie from a geek fan perspective. No spoilers guaranteed.

Last weekend, I was able to attend the opening of the 3rd Coca Cola Football Fest at Alabang Country Club. It was wicked to see 2,700 youths play the sport. 

After the football, I got to see Taiwan Travel Expo at Glorietta. Not only there are great booking deals, but I found out that there are places that are interesting to visit. I learned about their leisure farms in one of their booth workshops. The have some interesting artwork like making a silkworm out of tissue crawl on a pencil. I also tried their spicy rice noodles.
Scene photo courtesy of HBO Asia

For those book fans, the TV adaptation of Game Of Thrones returns to HBO Asia on its 3rd season. This much awaited series already gathered many awards.
Richard Poon

In the music scene, Richard Poon launched first pop album under a new record label. Psy's new single, Gentleman craze continues. Another international artist is coming to Manila. AVICII is going to perform at The Arena.

For those without two left feet, Manila will be hosting a Tango Festival and some of the known international tango stars are coming to Manila. For more updates, visit and like the LENS blogs on Facebook.

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