Sunday, May 5, 2013

3rd Coca Cola Football Fest

This summer, not only that Coca Cola Philippines organizes the Coca Cola PBA Youngstars League 2013 for the Philippine youth, they are also organizing the Coca Cola Football Fest in its third year. This 2-day event(May 4 and 5, 2013) participated by 2,700 youths from Vigan to Masbate and the rest of the Luzon regions.

Since 1978, Coca Cola sponsors the World Cup since there is a huge representation of interest in football worldwide. After the growing interest of football or soccer here in the Philippines thanks to the national team, Coca Cola is using football to reach out the Philippine youth.
Mr. Aponte and Atty. Tamano

It is Coca Cola's social responsibility to promote a "active and healthy living" among the youth, says Mr. Guillermo Aponte, The participants' age ranges as young as five to seventeen. It is their vision that when the time comes, they will get the chance to participate in the national league but for now, it is not their plan to form one.

Mr. Aponte adds that this event is "inclusive to everybody" especially if they have passion for the sport. There are also girls and different nationalities who are also based in the country are participating in the games. This passion also exists to the families and friends who shows up to support their players. As a native of Columbia, his children are also into football and they are also participating in the event.
Darryl Anne talks about the game and her experiences

During the media conference, I got to hear testimonials from selective players of the event.After the conference, I got to ask a couple of these players. Jervie Magat of Magdalena, Binhi, Laguna is 17 years old and has been playing for three years. Although it was a curriculum in their school PE program, Jervie got hooked with the sport and it's his first time to compete in the Coke event.
Mr. Aponte talking with Darryl Anne, one of the participants.

15 year old Darryl Anne, on the other hand, is much more competitive and driven. She played in the previous football fest and also been playing for three years. She told me that even though she is a girl, she was able to play the sport well that she was part of the mixed team with other boys and was even their team captain before being part of an all-girl team. She told me that last year, they were first place and now they are determined to win the championship.

"While we have the flagship brand like Coke, we also have Powerade, the official sport drink of the event that replenishes minerals consumed during the intense activity and water like Wilkins for basic hydration", says Atty. Adel Tamano, Coca Cola Phils. Vice President for Public Affairs and Communications. The 3rd Coca Cola Football Fest is held at Alabang Country Club and is a collaborative effort of Coca Cola Phils., Makati Football Club, Alabang Football Club and the NCR Football Association.

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