Thursday, October 18, 2012

CCTV Patrol

Crime rates may be more aggressive but it was more easier to solve because with the technologies that is now available. CCTV cameras are now used as effective tool in solving crimes. It is also used as evidences now.
TV Patrol, ABS-CBN's flagship news and public affairs program dedicated a segment were the CCTV footages are also used as news materials. Despite the hectic schedule in the field, veteran news anchor Noli De Castro oriented us about the segment along with field correspondent Atom Araullo, who hosted an event for bloggers.
Besides the CCTV recordings, videos from other digital devices such as cameras, camera phones can also be used as tools for news worthy topics. News programs such as TV Patrol uses new methods that varies from traditional way of gathering news. It is the way of getting the masses involve.
Watch TV Patrol every night to find out more about CCTV Patrol segment.

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