Wednesday, October 3, 2012

adidas King Of The Road 2012 Race Results

This is my second time to join a race. Last year, I ran for 5K.This year, I run for 10K. I am not an expert runner. But I jog every morning at the CCP Complex which is the best jogging route near to my residence. What made races like this appealing is that it is not competitive like some but I enjoy it.
Photo courtesy of Proactive

It will also be worthwhile if you run with friends. Just like last year, the race is also beneficial to many runners who joined. It is like a fair. You don't go home empty handed. There are freebies, photo booths, samples and every finisher has a medal.

Proactive, adidas' partner for organizing run events, already released the results of the recent run in their website. You can see how you ranked in the race. In addition of the ranking, you can also see your photos using the tracker that determines your rank. Just type in your race bib number and enter then your photos that were taken during the race will appear.

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