Monday, October 29, 2012

ASI Introduces Tomorrow's Techno-Innovators

Earlier this quarter, ASI opened a challenge for college institutions to developed ideas how technology can help our environment rather than doing more harm. Many students showed interests after doing environmental talks held in their  campuses.

When the students submitted their ideas, it was screened by the organizers and was introduced by ASI during a media conference in Makati. Among the many entries, few were selected for the finals. The ideas are considered confidential for now but they will be seen on display at the COMMDAP 2012 in World Trade Center in Pasay City. I see no other ideal place to showcase these ideas but at the COMDDAP. I've been going to COMDDAP since my gradeschool days and I always see something new every year.
ASI recognizes one of the finalists from UST.

The judging of the entries will be held on 5PM November 18, 2012.

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