Monday, January 4, 2010

Reflecting On When Religion Becomes Evil:Blind Obedience

One of the warnings Charles Kimball gave was Blind Obedience. My reflection on this made me ask this. Does our religion give us what we need that we allow ourselves to serve our religion as if they dictate us like gods? Kimball can site many examples here in the Philippines. Every Holy Week especially in Pampanga were devotees whipped themselves and a selected three allowed themselves to be crucified as Jesus Christ suffered.In my understanding of Christianity, Jesus Christ died for the salvation of humankind so it may live. What was these people doing? Do they also think they can save the human race again like Jesus did? Do they think that Jesus didn't redeem the world that they keep on doing this? The Roman Catholic Church discourages the annual practice because it was bloody. I think it is no longer relevant. Their explanation was that because it's tradition. So, in other words, the Roman Catholic Church has no control of it's followers regarding this matter. Another example is from Apolo Quibuloy's controversial sect. In a previous broadcast of The Probe Team, Cheche Lazaro did an expose of Apolo Quibuloy and his The Kingdom of Jesus Christ. I will not focus on Ms. Lazaro's broadcast as a whole. There was an incident involving Quibuloy's "Kingdom" regarding a follower/devotee had no contact with the parents since being active in the "Kingdom". The parents got worried and filed suit against Quibuloy fearing she was kidnapped. Then, the daughter surfaced and explained that she was not kidnapped and held against her will. Then,Quibuloy filed a counter-suit against the parents.As I see this,Quibuloy should really act as a "shepherd" more than a "king" in his "kingdom" and should set an example to his flock. The daughter is now taking studies for the "Kingdom's" ministries. So busy that she can't even make contact with worried parents. This I think are my examples of Blind Obedience.

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