Tuesday, January 5, 2010

For Sale:Video Footage of Maguindanao Massacre?!?

I heard from the news that there were massive selling of Maguindanao Massacre video in DVD format. I know video audio piracy can be considered stealing but the raw footage of the massacre is another thing. There are reasons why the media didn't show all of the footage of the massacre and it's not just because it's violent and gruesome. It also has ethics involve. If the censors were strict with the TV and movies, they are much more stricter with the news. My example regarding this ethical issue was the suicide of Budd Dwyer. A U.S. local news broadcast shows controversial politician Budd Dwyer called press conference because of a scandal. The media thought he was giving a statement. Then Dwyer pulled a revolver from a paper bag he carried. People present were shouting, "Budd,no!" and "Don't". Dwyer said it's alright then pulled the trigger while aimed at his chin and blown straight out of his head. The news network who showed this on air didn't consider the ethical matter of what their broadcast did and what impact of their viewers. The pirates are no exception. They have no regards of ethical issues of what they did when they sell this videos. All they know is profit. The massacred victims' loved ones said these people don't respect their grief. Instead of sympathizing, they make money out of it. These pirates, in my opinion, are heartless and cruel and they are no different from the butchers who orchestrated the massacre.

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