Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Today marks Epiphany,the last day of the Christmas season. It was also called the feast of the Three Kings. Though Christiandom celebrates this, most Christians don't know that there were no records of them to be three and they were not kings. They were the Magi,wise men or if you prefer their modern name, astrologers. They were observers of the positions of the stars and planets. During those days, astrologers are high officials and advisers to royalty. The three quantity was probably because of the three gifts they carry but they might be just two or four or more than that. Consider also the journey. You don't travel long journeys with just a few people. It's also dangerous. These magi are important people. There was also a wrong idea that they visited the Christ child on Christmas Day. That couldn't be possible because they only saw the star when they were still in the East and faster travel is not the luxury they have. According the Bible, the wise men saw the child no longer in the manger and when they escaped without telling Herod, Herod ordered all boys two years old and below killed. This assumes that the wise men saw the Jesus no longer as a newborn like the Nativity scenes suggest commercially but older than that. The wise men must have traveled two years upon seeing the star.

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