Thursday, January 7, 2010

Black Nazarene Festival:Another Example Of Blind Obedience In Religion

Earlier today, I saw people in my neighborhood carrying the smaller version of the Black Nazarene image wearing the same maroon shirt and also barefooted. Every year, this controversial religious tradition produces violence and casualties. No matter how crowded or hard to get through the crowd just to go near the image of the Black Nazarene. If religion was supposed to help people why would a religion allow this tradition to get people hurt? This, I think, the only tradition that has police on standby. Like I explained in my reflection, one of the warnings suggested by Charles Kimball "When Religion Becomes Evil" was Blind Obedience. The Roman Catholic Church also doesn't advise this tradition because of the outcome. They only say the reason because it's tradition. I don't think this tradition produces faith but also idolatry somehow. Why risked your life over an image? The faith of the people is also blinded.

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