Sunday, January 10, 2016

Sometimes, Being Too Kind Is Not Always Good

My childhood is the worse. I am one against the whole class. I was bullied because, as one told, am too kind. True, I was always not able to fight back not because I am a lone ranger; but I am too mild-mannered. The worse part was that it didn't got the teachers concerned because all they want is good results. They didn't even bother why some subjects got lower grades. I also got to survive high school because of this.

This is what we are also trying to teach my youngest sister because she is also too kind that people also take advantage of her. It still happens again even now that she is working. 

I sometimes hear her having massage sessions at a popular spa not far from my place in Malate. But on her yesterday session, she tried the ventossa with her boyfriend. She was ask if it was her first time for ventosa. She said yes. She was told that it will leave a mark. It will leave a mark all right. A first degree burn mark. I am pretty sure that there is a difference between a mark and a burn even though I am not familiar with ventossa. They told her it's because of her sensitive skin. Hello, shouldn't they test her back skin first before applying. They didn't even offered ointment or to pay back for it.

Tomorrow, she will return back with her mother because it really got blistered. As for me, I never tried ventosa but I will not dare to. I just hope that the manager will be reasonable than that moron therapist who did this. He or she will better be glad, I am not the one they will deal with. Because hell will break loose if they didn't comply with my mom. It is not about the money. It's about quality service. If no one will talk to them, they will continue to do it.

The only fault of my sister is that she is not the type who complains and left. And for that it cost her her back. I guess she will not wear anything backless for the meantime. Didn't post a photo of her back because it is really not pleasant to look at.


After posting this, I was Googling ventosa to find out more about the procedure and on the first page search results, I came across this article back in 2014. Read the full feature. Warning. There are photos of the burns and blister marks.

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