Thursday, January 14, 2016

Race Cars and Automobile Tales on DMAX this January

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This month, watch out as DMAX take you on the ride of your lives with their latest shows on cars and racing!
Photo courtesy of DMAX
In Idris Elba: No Limits, witness how Idris Elba is obsessed by speed. Since boyhood he’s wanted to immerse himself in the world of fast machines. This series pushes that ambition - and Idris - to the limit. Idris will take on motorsport professionals at the top of their game. He’ll try his hand at rally driving, drag racing, aerobatics – and even attempt to break a Land Speed Record which has stood firm since 1927. Helping him along the way will be racing legends Jimmy McRae and Ari Vatanan, and modern day sporting stars Antron Brown and Ed Cyster.

He’ll fully immerse himself in the dramatically-different worlds of these four different motorsports. It's his challenge not only to master the skills needed to drive and fly his machines, but also to adapt and understand the engineering behind them. Catch the all-new series, Idris Elba: No Limits this January, airing every Wednesdays at 8:10 PM.

Tune in to the new season of AmeriCarna, a car culture television show hosted by Ray Evernham with guidance from his friend and mentor, Rick Hendrick. They’ll rely on their vast experience as car guys to take viewers back in time and introduce them to a period of history when the automobile heavily influenced American culture. They’ll tell behind-the-scenes stories of lost race cars, barn finds, speed secrets, Hollywood films, historical racetracks and other unique places. Along the way, we’ll meet the cars and characters that have helped shape and preserve this history. AmeriCarna airs every Friday this January at 9 PM.

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