Sunday, January 17, 2016

Know Your Candidates: Blog Feature on Augusto "Tito Boboy" Syjuco

During the previous elections, I got to attend a blog conference for a party list.  Now, I got privilege to meet a presidential candidate for the upcoming elections. Augusto “Boboy” TESDA secretary during Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo’s time and he was member of 1971 Constitutional Convention. When I met him, I was expecting a grumpy old man like Mr. Wilson of those Dennis the Menace comic strips but a jolly man that reminds you of Santa Clause or like a loving dad you never had.

I was invited at his house for dinner and to view his biographical movie. The format of this movie is in form of webisodes that can be viewed online.  But according to the movie’s writer and director Benny, it will be shown in full length version for a block screening before the election.  For now, the filming is on-going and they are now finishing with eleven episodes.

Tito Boboy, as he wants to be called, was responsible for boosting the contact center industry in the country that gave more jobs to Filipinos. What is interesting about this is that you don’t need a college degree but only sets of skills for you to do. He even wrote the modules for call center training.

One of the main focus of Tito Boboy is to boost the internet services in the country. Compared to other countries, our internet service is the slowest. This is the reason why some BPO companies that gives us call center job opportunities closed down because the industry needs the internet for their system. Not only that the internet service improves but it will also give us more jobs by creating more BPO companies here.

Another of his focus is to investigate the SSS issue. Because of the veto, this will affect the working class that may affect their monthly contributions.  Tito Boboy believes that the SSS is now bankrupt and compares this to the series The Walking Dead as an analogy.

I will keep you updated about Tito Boy in my next post but for now, follow this blog and like the L.E.N.S.blogs on Facebook. I didn't say you should vote but let's just hear the man out.

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