Tuesday, August 25, 2015

All Of Me first five episodes review

Now that the series Flor de Liza is ending this week, the afternoon slot needs to maintain the hype because it is one of the stagnant hours of the day. To keep the viewers on the screen, ABS-CBN offers a new series that transcends time and space.

All Of Me may seem like another series that took another song for the title but it is more than that. Besides Wansapanataym, it's been a while since the network has a fantaserye or fantasy series. The story is about a grumpy doctor Manuel(played by Albert Martinez) who isolates himself from society until Lena(Yen Santos) enters his life. But Manuel was killed and suddenly finds himself turned in his younger self(played by JM de Guzman) in a world where space and time has no relevance.

What I like about the series is the mystery of the mystical place which Manuel stumbled upon and the computer generated background that made the place extraordinary. Just like the previous series, it also has humor even if it's drama and it helps built up the audience. Albert Martinez said that he didn't expect the reception of the audience when he watched with the fans. The last time that he felt cheered on as a love team was back in the 80's. Seems that this makes me hopeful for men my age.

I also like how the series tells the story in a manner of flashbacks. It also highlights Manuel's timeline during his childhood because it represents one period in time that is far different from the present. There will be character developments especially to the main cast. Yen also proves that being an actress will stretch or accelerate her career by taking another mature role. Also stars Aaron Villaflor as Manuel's colleague, Ina Raymundo as Manuel's first wife.

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