Saturday, June 20, 2015

Sitting In at Raffles Design Institute

It's been a while since I was inside a class and I mean years. I never thought that in my age, I am going to attend one. But the reason why I agreed to attend because it is a photography session and it's relevant to blogging.
Mr. Sven Pfrommer

Mr. Sven Pfrommer is one of the instructors at Raffles Design Institute who teaches photography. After orienting us about the course description, he proceeded with the photography workshop. Although I have an understanding in the subject because I started old school photography, I still need to adjust to different digital cameras since there are different types of operating system running the camera's menu.

I am used to film cameras that wind up the film when the exposure occurs. I always have control over the opening and shutter speed. After the workshop, we applied it by testing our shots with LED lights as subject at a slow shutter speed. This gave me an idea for action sequences that I can try for the Monster Jam the next day.

Now, I have an idea how Raffles Design Institute is serious about educating. Though the tuition is not cheaper than a regular college, there are advantages to it. The ratio per class is less than a handful. The maximum of student per class is 6. This way, you will be given full attention and mentored properly.

They eliminated the minor subjects that are irrelevant to the course but more on the practical subjects. Besides, you don't need units of Physical Education for a fashion institution. The best part here is that you can finish it in three years. If you look at the photo, the room is equipped with projector and mannequins needed for the students of fashion.

Lastly, Raffles Design Institution is widely connected internationally. They have many schools in different countries in case you will continue studying elsewhere that has a Raffles Institute. I think an institution like Raffles has more educational substance than any traditional schooling. We need more schools like these since there are collegiate studies that does not teach you how to work in the real world and not just theoretical studies. I didn't say we don't need traditional schooling but it will compliment the educational system in a macro level.

Raffles Design Institute offers courses in Business, Fashion Design, Visual Communication and Interior Design. They are located along Metropolitan avenue in Makati. Just a few blocks after the police station if you are coming from Ayala-Buendia intersection. For more lifestyle features, follow this blog and like L.E.N.S. blogs on Facebook.

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