Sunday, June 14, 2015

Fiestas are not always good for the community

Before you judge me as killjoy, I want you first to read the whole post. I like fiestas especially in my father's hometown in Lucban even though I am a Protestant. It's not perfect but at least it is building up tourism that flocks the streets every year. The people know where to park their cars because they have been advised days before.

Unlike here in Manila especially in the baranggay where I grew up. You can never tell where you can pass or not because there is no advance notice. I thought they dismantled the stages because they used the national holiday last Friday for their programs. Earlier before we left for church, we can still get a cab ride from my place. But later in the afternoon, the road was blocked just a few blocks away. The reason was the street is being used for games/programs we thought was finished last Friday or Saturday. So along with my grandmother and my 7-year old niece were forced to walk along carrying a week worth of groceries because even a tricycle can't enter.

The worse part was when we are passing the closed area, we were begged to contribute for the fiesta. I am really pissed off  and snapped back, "If it wasn't for this fiesta, we would not be having hard time walking." And you see all these banners of elected officials with their fiesta greetings so why these people bother begging anyone who passes by.

This way of celebrating fiestas is a bad image for the community especially if I take a picture of the roadblocks, you will see how many banners with photos of many elected officials. I only advise that the baranggay officials should give notice days ahead where the roadblocks will take place and give alternate routes.

I hope this will be my last rant which is I am doubtful. Feel free to share your thoughts and like my Facebook page, the L.E.N.S. blogs.


  1. dude. whenever there are fiestas. expect some opportunist coming in
    and it includes the trapo politician

    1. Correct ka dyan. That is why i am very picky with the candidates I vote even if its in the city and baranggay category.