Wednesday, June 10, 2015

A Half Day Tour at Lotus Garden Manila

City of Manila is always the center of many travel destinations for everyone. Ermita has lots of money changers which is located in one block. It is accessible when you are travelling to the airport or by the pier and there are has lots of active nightlife. All this besides the Rizal Park/Luneta.

During the Papal Visit, lots of hotels are booked since everyone wanted to have a glimpse of the patriarchal figure head of the Roman Catholic Church. Hotels like Lotus Garden Manila which is located at the corner of Padre Faura and Mabini sts. in Ermita.

After having breakfast at their lobby buffet area, we passed by their bar which is open every morning. Unlike the local bars, the bar patrons can drink because they are more tamed than most local drinkers. You go to a bar just for social drinking not to get into trouble.

Lotus Garden has only one Multi-purposed Function Room ideal for big celebrations like debut or wedding receptions. The capacity may vary depending on the set up of the event but you can be sure that there are lots of potential you can do with the event venue.

Going through their new building hallway gives it a mixture of old fashioned furnishing since their staircase and floors are made of wood. In a more open area, they have a bistro-like atmosphere with bar and a jacuzzi at one rear end. The jacuzzi can also be used by guest as part of the amenities upon request. But it is limited to 15 people max. The area also has a billards table for added amusement. The area can also accommodate a band area for the event.

Located in the premises of the open area, there is a room for ideal for corporate functions. It is a closed room for privacy. It is an air conditioned board room set up with a projector for meeting and conferences outside company offices.

One of the amenities for the guest is the gym. It is equip with treadmills to keep any health buff in good shape. Their basic rooms for accommodation is just basic ideal for an executive from out of town who needs only a place to sleep and a place to refresh and leave the luggage. But it also has an office type desk in case the desk needs to work and a TV to get news update. The room can accommodate two people max since the bed is just twin sized.

There is also another room ideal for families who just need to have a staycation. It has two beds and has bigger area with a small dining table and chairs in case the guest has some food with them. There is one room equipped with a kitchen set up if the guests needs to prepare dishes within room quarters.

What I also find unique in the room and hallways are it has display of Baguio or any Northern Highland souvenirs like the rice god Bulol statue in the rooms. What is good about the vicinity of the hotel is that it is near the mall, the hospital and many restaurants. Upon leaving the hotel, you can choose upon taking a cab or public jeepney that can pass by.

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