Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Inclusive Stories In This Year's Eat Bulaga Lenten Specials

Eat Bulaga pioneered the Lenten Specials that other productions followed suit. I remember watching it when I was still a kid. These stories are either fictional or biographical. It also showcased the potential of regular hosts to do drama roles that they don't do everyday.

Eat Bulaga will feature real-life stories from the communities they visited outside the studio during broadcast. These are the stories from their winning contestants. I got to see two stories during the launch. The hosts are divided in six depending on the story. They also cast veteran actors and directors to give the stories more impact like Bb. Joyce Bernal, Gina Pareno, Ricky Davao, Pilita Corales and a lot more.

For EB host Pia Guanio, it is an annual thing. She enjoyed  doing drama even for once a year for EB Lent Specials but she is not going to do this on regular basis because she is too busy with her hosting that it may affect her hosting and family life. She did very well in the story that I got to watch during the exclusives screening for bloggers. 

Another revelation for me was Ryza Mae Dizon. I never thought she showed great potential in drama like her predecessor, Aiza Seguerra. I only see her in her segments and comedy movies but when I saw her in person greeting us one-by-one as she passes by. I can now understand why she is so charismatic among her fans. Ryza Mae and Aiza are also part of the same story.

Another revelation for me was Ryan Agoncillo playing a closet gay with gay siblings(Wally and Jose). I am glad that Lenten Specials are now inclusive. The importance of these stories is the message. The Bible stories are familiar to most Christians but only few know what it means to us Pinoys. The stories are examples for application of these religious values that some Christians don't practice if not most..

The Eat Bulaga Lenten Specials starts on Holy Monday(March 30) on their regular time slot with two stories each day. 

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