Sunday, August 10, 2014

KIDS ACTS Stages ALLADIN AND THE MAGIC LAMP at Star Theater with review

I first watched  a Kids Acts production when they run Mulan. Just like the previous one, they presented another story not based on Disney's version but the original story. What's good about this production was that they have catchy songs that kids can sing with.

There are also number of choruses that narrates each scene from the town folks that doubles depending on changes of scene locations. What's unique with the cast that the chorus also takes part of changing the scene background when the scene shifts to another place.

For the title role of Alladin, Noel Rayos did a wonderful job playing the part. He fitted perfectly portraying Alladin in this original story and not the street rat version. I've seen him performed in other productions and he can adapt in any role he plays. It's the first time I saw him sing solo.

It is also good to see Gian Gloria playing Alladin's love interest. I first watch her when she played Mulan.  Even though her character Princess Mona was not the protagonist unlike her role as Mulan, she was also significant to this story as it progresses.

Playing the part of the genie of the lamp is the most crucial part of the musical since it is very iconic because of Robin Williams portrayal.I got to ask the actor who played the part how he executed the part of the genie. He simply said he is a jolly person in real life and he simply put himself for the role of the genie.

I watched this on its preview run at St. Cecilia Hall in St. Scholastica's College. The story is simple for the children to understand and there are also family values to learn. It is also ideal for family and elementary schools to see. The music is also an original work for Kids Acts. Their regular run opens August 14 to 16, 2014(Thursday to Saturday) at Star Theater in Star City Complex at these times:10AM, 1PM, 4PM and 7PM for P450 per admission. For inquiries, call 750-1551/0915-447-8959. Follow this blog or like L.E.N.S. blogs on Facebook.

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