Saturday, August 30, 2014

E-Trikes In Cavite. Charging Stations for Electronic Vehicles Now Operational

Earlier this year, I was able to attend E-Vehicle Summit in Meralco. Drafting a resolution is one thing but making it a reality is another step. Now, I got to see myself that one step of that resolution is now a reality. At least in one region.

I went to V-Mall in Molino, Cavite to see the E-Trikes and the designated charging station. During the summit, I was able to ride a prototype E-Jeepney but it was within Meralco premises. Now, I was able to see what the E-Trike can do in the open road. 

It can run as fast as any regular car on the highway. This E-Trike is assembled by K.E.A. It can accommodate 6 people including the driver sitting comfortably. But an tall person may still need to bend his/her torso. But unlike the regular tricycle, it can be put to reverse like a car.

As for the charging stations, it is also a waiting shed. You can charge the E-Trike like charging your mobile phone on a vending charger at a convenience store. Each E-Trike is equip with an plug like any household appliance so you can even charge your mobile devices there for P5 per 10 minutes.

The local government of Cavite purchased some E-Trikes to provide free transportation for their constituents with transactions in their City Hall. The rides are free but on limited time so it won't interfere with public tricycle operators.

K.E.A. will also operate E-Trikes as public transportation along the route of the charging stations. There are two charging stations so far. One in McDonald's at the end of  the Molino Road and one near V-Mall.

According to Mayor Strike Revilla, it's part of their campaign to go environment friendly starting with public transportation and the tricycle operators are open for that idea.

Electronic Vehicles is not new to public transportation. Makati already have shuttle within the business district. College of St. Benilde provides shuttle service transport for their students that loops in different building and facilities.

E-Vehicles may not be the final answer to pollution but at least it will lessen it because it does not smoke belch. It still depends on how people dispose raw materials. Hopefully, it will also change the lifestyle of public transportation operators and their drivers. Now, we are one step ahead to lessen the costs and pollution plus we are going less dependent of gasoline fuel. As the slogan says in Tagalog, "Walang GAStos."

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