Friday, January 25, 2013

Aboitiz Launches 8th Future Leaders Summit

Sometime, spending at least four years of collegiate education is not enough to get prepared for the real world. We need to get the experience that a the four corners of a classroom cannot give. What the classes offer are only theoretical but it also needs to be put to practice. This makes the graduating workforce not equipped enough to work so they undergo on-the-job training or OJTs to get work experience.
Mr. Txabi Aboitiz

This is why Aboitiz is going to have it's 8th Future Leaders' Summit for this year. Each Summit, they invite students from different colleges and universities to join. But since there is limited capacity, they select only students with potential talent.

This Summit can help Aboitiz to find "the right talent to handle the business" says Mr. Txabi Aboitiz, chief human resource and quality officer. Aboitiz sends invitation from these different educational institutions including DLSU, St. Paul Univ.Manila, Univ. Of Asia and Pacific, PUP, Arellano Univ., Poveda, Ateneo de Manila Univ., Adamson Univ., PCU, EAC, St. Louis, University of the Cordilleras, UE-Manila, San Sebastian, UST, Assumption, UP Diliman, UPLB,  etc.

The Summit will provide different trainings, workshops and team buildings that can equip the student for the working atmosphere fueled with desire to be the future leaders. Besides the summit, Aboitiz also held lectures series available to the schools upon request. Aboitiz also grants scholarship to selective students that shows potential in the work place.

For the screening process and selection, they have qualifications they need to see from the student and the school they also represent.  First of all they have to be leaders. If they have no active leadership in school, how will they show that they have initiative to work. The student needs to show enthusiasm.

Mr. Efren Penaflorida
I was able to attend Aboitiz Academe Lunch along with the representatives of different educational institutions. I also got to eat on the same table with Mr. Efren Penaflorida who also shared his insights. I agree with how Aboitiz thinks about what the students should do. They not only motivated just to gain employment status but also needed to think out of the box.

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