Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Malasimbo Music and Arts Festival 2013

Puerto Galera is one of the major tourist destinations in the Philippines. It is known for it's beaches. But there is more to Puerto Galera than just beaches. For 2 years in a row, Puerto Galera had been hosting a music and arts event during the first quarter.

The Malasimbo Music and Arts Festival is unlike any festival. It is held at Puerto Galera's Mount Malasimbo for three days where they actually made an amphitheatre from grass terraces which gives it a more engaging exposure with the environment. For the past two years, the organizers of Malasimbo festival brought to perform the biggest names in the underground music industry. Local and foreign.
Bird's eye view of the Malasimbo Festival at night

When you define underground or independent category in music or movies, you are sure that it is different music that you don't hear in mainstream but with same quality and most of the time even better because it is something new and unique. The ideal music of the Malasimbo festival is reggae, jazz, and hiphop. Not the mainstream hiphop but the underground hiphop.

I haven't been to the Malasimbo festival yet but I got an idea the kind of atmosphere in this event. Last year, the organizers of Malasimbo organized the first Manila Music Festival. It was held at the ASEANA property in Paranaque facing the Manila Bay. Despite the rains in some parts of Metro Manila, the event was spared as it partied from its opening during that afternoon until the the next morning. The festival reminds me of Woodstock but only much more tamed.
Joss Stone(middle) with her group Superheavy. Photo courtesy of MCA.

If the Manila Music Festival was fun enough, I am sure that the Malasimbo Festival will be a blast. You have the mountain amphitheatre, the nature, the sounds, and the scenery. The festival is three days long. Each night will have a main performance by Joss Stone and Jimmy Cliff. I suggest you get the three-night passes so you can maximize the whole event.
Organizers and sponsors of Malasimbo Festival 2013

Besides the music, there is also an exhibit showcasing different art works by local and foreign. This is not just a regular festival, this festival also helps promote awareness for the environment and promoting the local culture especially the Mangyan tribe of Mindoro. The organizers of Malasimbo festival is also an advocate for environmental awareness and they also help building up the Mangyan community.

What is good about this that this festival can boost Puerto Galera's tourism and could bring more business and job opportunities without leaving a mess at the venue. Puerto Galera has limited hotel accommodations but the local government already coordinated with the town that they will be opening their homes to tourists for reasonable price. But it is also advisable and cheaper to camp out. There will be designated areas for special trips from different points in Puerto Galera to Malasimbo for a special fare.

If you haven't been to Puerto Galera, it was advised to take any bus that can take you to a pier in Batangas where you can take a ferry to Mindoro. The Malasimbo Music and Arts Festival 2013 will be on March 1-3 2013. For tickets/passes, read this previous blog entry.

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