Monday, September 3, 2012

Have a Healthy and Party-Ready Skin with Benzac® AC Gel

To live a life in the metro, having a healthy and glowing skin is always an investment. However, due to stressful activities, late nighters, pollution breakouts are most likely to happen. 

                Don’t you just hate it when that big pimple appears just before a special event and stays there for everyone to see? I always have problems in covering this kind of dilemma because no product suits me right and it is always too late for me to prevent it.

                Acne is the primary problem of teenagers since; they love to present themselves as pleasing as possible. The presence of numerous brands claiming that they are the perfect cure for acne is quite confusing especially when I try them out and I would eventually experience more problems. I find it comforting when the Galderma brand manager Ms. Christine Yap-Legaspi, stated that,Teenagers with acne who have extremely dry or sensitive skin are good candidates for treating with Benzac® AC Gel. Finally, there is a product that is not to harsh on my skin and that would be able to fix my pimple problem.

Benzac® AC incorporates acrylates copolymer (AC) technology to deliver moisturizing glycerin to dry, sensitive skin and absorb excess facial sebum that leads to pimple formation. Benzac® AC Gel treats acne without leaving your skin dry.

Benzac® AC has been proven to kill 90% of pimple-causing bacteria on the skin. You can also use it conveniently at once daily. This makes Benzac® an essential regimen to protect ourselves and prevent breakouts especially before the parties.

On a Saturday night, teenagers would look forward to their gigs and gimmicks in a bar with friends. More often than not, Saturday night gathers these teenagers so, Galderma Philippines, the home of Benzac ®AC, took the liberty to launch a Benzac Bar Tour to address the concerns of these teenagers. Aside from learning more about Benzac® AC Gel, young bar-goers were also entertained.

                The Benzac Bar Tour made rounds at Fort Bonifacio Global City’s bars like, Amber UltraLounge and Craft Pub and Grill.  The Benzac dancers, Ms. Legaspi and YouTube sensation Jem Mark aka jemdahunk were present to amuse and inform party people of the multiple merits of Benzac® AC Gel as a treatment for adolescent acne.
The YouTube wonder made a definite hit with the crowd, many laughed as they recognized the his videos’ dance personalities such as “The Virgin,” “The Party Pooper,” “The Problematic,” and others much funnier but not so general patronage personas.  

At the end of the day, you have nothing to hide because Benzac is about having a good time with acne-free skin!

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