Thursday, June 7, 2012

ANC Gets The Afternoons Active Again

Afternoons are usually the dullest hour of the day. With the recent real life court drama that the Coronavela brought, people started to tuned in, participate in discussions especially online and got active posting their opinions.
ANC Press Launch

The Corona impeachment trial may be over but this doesn't stop ANC to bring the afternoons active again. Since most the news happens in the afternoons, ANC will give the news as fresh from the press conferences "as they happen", says Ron Cruz, anchor of Morning@ANC.
Ron Cruz

Starts June 11 every afternoon at 2P.M., "News Now" will kick off with the fresh news from the major national, business and foreign news with Ron Cruz. At 3P.M., ANC Business News Head Coco Alcuaz takes over for the major news developments, business stories, Asian market updates and live coverage at the Phil. Stock Exchange.

Coco Alcuaz says, "We are bridging the gap between the morning news and business nightly." While Coco Alcuaz deliver the news at the studio, Warren de Guzman will cover the updates from the trading floor of the Phil. Stock Exchange.

To give the global Pinoys what's happening around the world,"The Bureau" will gather reports from different ABS-CBN bureaus around the globe. "We're going to tell you how it(the news) impacts the global Filipino.", says The Bureau's anchor Karmina Constantino, who recently anchored a daily newscast and a magazine show for The Filipino Channel-North America.

To complete the News Now casts, ANC weather presenter and "Hardball" anchor Boyet Sison will present updates about the weather and forecasts every hour and Lexi Schulze will give you what's trending in the social media world.

Because the weather can change within a day, it is good to have hourly updates about the weather so you can anticipate it. Boyet Sison says that ANC has the best facility for a weather news program. To keep viewers active, they can now participate online with "@ANCalerts" the first social media news program anchored by social media enthusiast TJ Manotoc and Lexi Schulze weekdays at 4:30P.M.

Twitter is a very new but very powerful news medium. ANC is using Twitter to deliver the news online and has over 450,000 followers. Just like what happened during the Corona trial, the Tweeters can participate and interact and express their views as the news happen while broadcast.
Tony Velazquez talks about his show, Future Perfect

On Wednesday's primetime, "Inside Business" will be anchored by Coco Alcuaz every 7P.M followed by "Future Perfect" with "Primetime on ANC" and "Top Story" anchor Tony Velazquez as he features the latest innovations in technology at 7:30 P.M.

"Cityscape" has new host. Entertainment reporter Phoemela Beranda will guide you to the hippest food estalishments, trends in fashion, weekend getaways, and hottest events all over the metro and beyond. Cityscape airs every Friday at 9:30 P.M.

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