Saturday, June 9, 2012

Adidas AdiZero Crazy Light 2 review

The first impression when the first Crazy Light was launched was it was lighter any basketball shoes. Just like the first Crazy Light, it is very fresh on the feet because the air can go through the tiny holes on the side of the shoes.
Crazy Light 2(Neon Green and Black) and Crazy Light 1(Blue)

The soles are now new for the better footwork and stability. I noticed that it was better grip when you break for a stop during a game. Just to be sure, rub your new pair with your palm or walk it on a concrete surface.

Just like any basketball shoes, it is not meant to wear casually or for longer hour to avoid foot aching. If it's new, it should be worn frequently during games so it can stretched more as time passes. If it already stretched enough without your feet aching, then you can wear it as casual as you can. In my opinion, the Crazy Light 2 is better than the first. Each pair costs PhP7,995.00 and is now available in three colors. Each month, Adidas will add more colors.

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