Saturday, February 4, 2012

Press Launch Of WWFX Champions Showcase Tour

I was never a fan of wrestling because I never got to watch it because of my lack of time to watch on regular basis unlike before when I was younger when I used to watch iconic names like Hulk Hogan, Andre the Giant, Ultimate Warrior, and Sgt. Slaughter. I started to get my interest back because of the Undertaker, Rey Mysterio and Dwayne"The Rock" Johnson after making quite a name for himself because of his knack of acting was just as popular now as his wrestling.

For the local masses, we were not able to appreciate wrestling because those who are interested are those who are from the young generation and middle class at least. But after seeing them during the press conference, I get to see how they cut the promo to draw the attention from us in the media.

I just appreciate now after seeing them up front how they deliver their act on that spot as if they were throwing heated words and insults to each other to entice the crowd more. What can you expect from the wrestling event? Former ECW Champion Rhino will take on Luke Gallow and for the main event, there will be not only one match but two. Co-main match will take Former WWE U.S. Champion, WWE Tag-Team Champion, and Intercontinental Champion, M.V.P. clash with former WWE superstar Chris Master

Main event will also feature Former 3-Time WWE Intercontinental Champion, 5-Time Tag-Team Champion, and ECW World Champion John Hennigan, formerly known as John Morrison,  challenged by former former RAW and SmackDown superstar Shelton Benjamin. A wrestling event will not be complete without having wrestling divas. 3-Time WWE Women's Champion, 2-Time WWE Divas Champion Melina will former WWE Divas Champion Jillian Hall.

You will also expect exciting matches from Carlitos, Hurricane Helms, Daivari, Jimmy Yang, Billy Gun. What we didn't expect was that International Wrestling Colt Cobana was also in town as host/mediator of the event. During the event launch, it was asked if given a chance, who among the wrestlers will fight local boxing hero Manny Pacquiao. There were already two known boxers who fought wrestlers before like Mike Tyson and Muhammad Ali but no Pinoy boxer who gone international were able to do the task. Only Shelton Benjamin takes up the challenge. Jillian Hall was not present because they are promoting the event on live television show. It may be fun to see two beautiful wrestling Divas exchange insults.

After the media launch, we went to Greenbelt to join the WWFX Fan Event simultaneous with the Fan Event at Trinoma so there were two groups of wrestlers simultaneous doing the same thing. At Greenbelt, we were impressed with the reception of fans upon seeing John Hennigan, Melina, M.V.P. and Luke Gallows. From here, we already able to identify which group are the Babyface and which one are the Heel. M.V.P. said that his friend, half-Filipino wrestling superstar Batista,told him that the women in the Philippines are beautiful and he was able to see that Batista was right.

The World Wrestling Fan Experience Champions Showcase Tour 2012 could be a once-in-lifetime event and it may not happen for a longtime. I will probably come out of the event as a new fan of pro-wrestling. Be there art Smart Araneta Coliseum on February 4. Tickets are available at Ticketnet outlets for prices ranging from P4,770 for Ring Side, P3,710 for Patron, P3,180 fr Lower Box, P2,120 for Upper A, P1,060 for Upper B and P530 for General Admission. Call 911-5555 to reserve. The event was brought to you by Dayly Entertainment and Midas Productions.

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