Saturday, January 14, 2012

For My Uncle, Victor Noel Lorico 1958-2012

1958 - 2012

Decendant of Victorino Lorico Sr. and Ruth Arnaldo Lorico
Son of Victorino (Jr.) and Cresencia Lorico
Siblings: Marilyn Nunez, Edwin Lorico, Alvin Lorico, and Miriam Senedrin
Born August 30, 1958
Married to Lorna Baylosis Lorico
Children: Allen, Noel Andrew, and Victor Kristopher

We will be having a small service for him today even though his remains are still in Dubai.

Testimonies for Tito Boy:
Noel Andrew Lorico
Papa, I really miss you so much, sayang di na tayo nagkita as a family for the last time. Ofcourse, you will always be in our hearts. Remembering those times when i was still a little boy and how we use to play makes me feel sad now. Goodbye papa. Jan din naman tayo pupunta lahat diba... love you

Miriam L. Senedrin
Yes, BOY, you became a father to maan & jomar. i remember maan said when she was in high school, "namimiss ko tito boy kasi masarap minsan ung may nagiistricto s kanya". that time was un bf ni maan si john2 at si jan naman bf si toops. Not only that, you have made Jomar a man, not just a man but a responsible man...maglinis, magluto, maggawa ng mga sira-sira kaya tuloy nabansagan kang "I BUTING-TING ALL" . sabi mo pa, lahat ng nabeso-beso mo na gf ni jomar hindi nagkakatuluyan. do you mean si MIMI is the one? kasi hindi mo siya nabeso-beso eh". we'll see your powers. sa magkakapatid, tayo ung dog & cat ng family but as we grow & mature naging very much concern tayo sa bawa't isa & to the rest of our family...ung you are willing to fight for the family. ayaw mong masasaktan lalo n ang mama....i agree with all of them who says... " YOU HAVE A GOOD & LOVING HEART". we know you can read all these messages for you... WE LOVE YOU BOY.

Marjorie Lorico
you're like a father to me... samin ni jomar. lagi kang handang tumulong kahit malayo ka...napakabuti ng puso mo... bakit tito? bakit ang aga?
God has a reason for everything.. mahal na mahal ka namin ni jomar...
lahat ng alaala mo nasa puso namin...

John Mark Senedrin
Since I was a young boy, you are the one who always teaches me everything. From cleaning the house, fixing broken stuff, cars even makes our own house. It’s a great honor to be part of your life tito.
I could still remember the time that you and tito eddie always making me cry, to make you laugh when you have session (inuman). I feel afraid but in some point I feel happy that in certain part of my life there is someone who stands beside me as my father.
Thank you tito for everything you taught me I will use it not only to reach our goals and plans. But used it to become a good son, friend, and a good man. We will miss you. Like what’s KV shirt said (Hip-Hop isn’t dead it leaves inside me). For me (TITO BOY ISN’T DEAD HE LEAVES INSIDE ME).
Tito just to inform you, your with tito eddie now ( sa langit walang alak), but still continue your session praising the Lord.
I love you tito, you are always in my heart. My friend, my mentor, my uncle, my father.

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