Thursday, January 26, 2012

EastWest Bank: Looking Back and Forward

EastWest Bank has been in the banking for seventeen years and is one of the most respected banking institutions in terms of growth and profit. Now ranked "17th largest among 38 commercial banks in the Philippines", they opened its 122nd new branch along Chino Roces Avenue in Makati before 2011 ended that totals nine new branches for 2011.
EastWest Bank event with its new logo

EastWest Bank had a post-Chinese New Year feast with the media to show appreciation what 2011 made EastWest Bank prospered and achieved. It seemed fitting because the Chinese New Year is a good time to be thankful for what they prospered in the previous year as EastWest Banks looks forward another greater year.
Poultry symbolizes Fertility

The feast provided was no ordinary Chinese dish. The Chinese dishes are also symbolic so it does not only nourish our bodies if you believe in Feng Shui. Food attracts good luck. Each dish has its own symbolism. The Barbecue Combination Platter is mostly pork which symbolize unity. Poultry like the Peking duck symbolize fertility. Seafood symbolize prosperity. A Chinese feast would not be complete without noodles which symbolize long life. The list of dishes with symbolism goes on and it's customary to take part on each dish served.
EastWest Bank President and CEO Mr. Antonio C. Moncupa, Jr.

EastWest Bank President and CEO Mr. Antonio C. Moncupa, Jr. said this event is a way of appreciation of the good year that passed and also a good relationship with the media. Besides the feast, EastWest Bank now had a new logo. When asked why changed the logo colors, Mr. Moncupa answered, "They want to break away from the pack." Almost all banks have the common blue or red colors in their bank name and logo. Mr. Moncupa adds that the new colors have its own symbolic meaning. The green color symbolizes freshness, growth and transformation. The magenta symbolizes royalty.
Geomancer giving a prediction

EastWest Bank also invited a Feng Shui master or Geomancer, Master Wong, to give his predictions in this year of the Water Dragon. Master Wong said that the changing the logo's colors is a good sign and he predicted that look opportunities not only in the front but also back and there are more opportunities in Asia than in the Europe or U.S. Mr. Moncupa was asked if he believes in Feng Shui. Mr. Moncupa answered that that Feng Shui serves as a guideline since there's also practical logic to it but what is more dominant is the rules of entrepreneurship.

Besides the new logo, EastWest has a new tagline, "YOUR DREAM OUR FOCUS", which makes it more personal approach to what the customers need. Besides the usual promotion in billboards, EastWest also acknowledges the growth in the online community and they also have a Facebook page: EastWestBanker. The interactive page enables to educate the followers about EastWest Bank.
Mr. Gotianun and Mr. Moncupa

I admire the tandem of leadership between CEO Mr. Anthonio Moncupa and Chairman Mr. Jonathan T. Gotianun. Mr. Gotianun said, "Tony (Mr. Moncupa) is an activist, I am a dreamer." This is essential in leadership: vision and action.

For more updates and promos about the services of EastWest Bank, visit their website: or their Facebook page: EastWestBanker

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