Saturday, November 12, 2011

Hidden Cities Second Season

History Channel Asia's flagship series, Hidden Cities, is now on second season. The production has just finished an episode for the Philippines episode. Host Anthony Morse was also present during the press conference held here in Manila.
Patty Laurel interviews Anthony Morse

I've been watching Hidden Cities because I have occasional travels within the country. But this was the first time I got to respect the show even more because of Anthony's insights about Hidden Cities. He also has an interesting background.
Hidden Cities host Anthony Morse

Anthony was born in Southern California. When he was three, his parents moved back to Chiang Mai, Thailand. His mother belongs to one of the Burmese ethnic minority groups. He grew up in Chiang Mai until he was eighteen. He took theological studies. When he learned that History Channel Asia is looking for a host based in the Southeast, he submitted a video of himself and was chosen for Hidden Cities and after one season, the rest was "history".
Cooking with Anthony.

What makes Hidden Cities unique is you're looking at these places with different perspective. This is not what you learn in your history classes. You get immersed with these cities as Anthony guides you there. Anthony is not a historical expert but he has consultations with the local historians, the community and he gets his hands dirty just to go to this places.
On the set in Anthony's home town

I like the concept of these series. When Anthony said he took biblical studies, that might be a building block for him because it requires him to integrate with the people. I know this because I had a Burmese room mate just like Anthony who was taking biblical studies in Manila. It was also an immersing experience for me to understand another culture.
with Anthony Morse after the press conference

Back to Hidden Cities, this season is something Filipinos will look forward to because one of the episodes will feature the Philippines. The second season will start November 23 9PM on History Channel. History Channel Asia is shown locally on Destiny Cable Ch.57, Dream Ch.27, Cablelink Ch.44, SkyCable Ch.25. For updates check out Hidden Cities website or like Hidden Cities on Facebook. History Channel Asia is also open for slots for commercial purpose. Contact for details.

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