Sunday, November 20, 2011

Eton International School

I found about Eton International School when I first saw their kiosk in a nearby mall. I later saw the actual school when passed by going to my former work place. Eton International School-Manila is located at 1839 Dr. Vasquez Street, Malate Manila and it’s not far from the Philippine General Hospital and LRT Pedro Gil station.

I was given chance to see for myself how Eton looks from the inside upon their invitation for bloggers. Upon entering, I was greeted by Eton’s grade school students and ushered me to the main lobby. I was introduced to Ms. Jacqueline Marzan-Tolentino, president and founder of Eton International School.

We were given a presentation by Eton’s older kids from grade school singing their Eton Hymn and started touring the classes and facilities. In one of their classes, I was able to catch one of the grade school students dissecting a frog. They were all dressed in their lab gowns with full gear.

For their pre-school, I witnessed that they have unique teaching methods that make learning more fun with games. They also have an exhibit displaying the children’s art works and activities in the corridor. In one of the grade school classes, they are using a Smart board to teach Math. They are doing seatwork about fractions and I noticed how they are interacting actively because the visual graphics and animation of the Smart board that makes it more fun. They also had an actual cake and pizza pie to make have a practical example.

In their computer lab, I got to see the students already knew how to make videos using MovieMaker which I haven’t mastered yet.  We made our last stop at Eton’s library. We were given a sample of their evaluation test that can determine the type of learning atmosphere I wanted.  The test has no right or wrong answers. It simply tells your characteristics if you’re global or analytic.

This test gives the teacher an idea how to deal with the students. Comparing it to my old school education during my elementary school years was tough compared to what I see now. This is the type of model school everyone should have. The teacher-student ratio is 1:12 which is good so the education of the child is surely focused. During my day, there were no advisers that can mentor you and talked to when you have problems and you just rely on your self. This makes Eton the ideal model school which they are not hesitant to share.

Eton International School is now in its seven years of existence and they are having another school in Heroes Hill, Quezon City. If you wish to inquire, you can find more in their websites on the corresponding links in this post.

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