Thursday, September 29, 2011

Sam Concepcion is Peter Pan

Peter Pan the musicale presscon
Stages and Repertory Philippines is doing Peter Pan musicale. Based on the children's story of J.M. Barrie. The Boy Who Wouldn't Grow Up was played by Sam Concepcion. I need not say the story because everyone knows Peter Pan.
Cover of 1915 edition

J.M Barrie's hero first appeared in a section of a 1902 adult novel, The Little White Bird. Since it was a children's story, it was later republished separately as Peter and Wendy. It also became a play, Peter Pan in 1904 before it was popularized by a Walt Disney animated film of the same name. Ever since, there were countless stories The famous adaptations after Disney was 1991 movie, Hook, where Peter Pan gave up his eternal youth by leaving Neverland, grew up, got married, and had kids and the 2003 animated sequel, Disney's Return To Neverland, where Wendy's daughter, Jane, joined Peter Pan to Neverland. There were also a spinoff stories of Tinkerbell in Disney video. The original story of Peter Pan came alive in a 2003 movie version.

The production is off-season from Repertory Philippines which is usually held at Greenbelt's Onstage. But like the children's theatre of Rep, the production has one segment where the audience,especially the families, can interact with the story. I never thought Sam Concepcion could make a good Peter Pan. He demonstrated acrobatic skills that makes him playful as Peter Pan ought to be. Michael Williams performance as Captain James Hook was also equally great. There are parts though that reminds me of the movie, Hook, but it was relevant. It would be more interesting if they also tried adding some fencing training for the last battle of Peter and Hook just like Robin Williams and Dustin Hoffman did in the movie, Hook. Peter Pan opens in Meralco Theatre September 30 till October 30.

Bronze statue of Peter Pan in London's Kensington Gardens. Also seen in the movie, Hook.

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