Thursday, November 26, 2009

Violence in Maguindanao

The massacre in Maguindanao was violent. Whoever did this is inhuman and is not sane. Why did it happened? The one who was responsible for this heartless action wants to inflict fear because the guilty party is also afraid. Afraid that for losing control and authority for the citizens there treated as subordinated. Though we are democratic, we are still fearful of the abuse of power by these kind of people. Since we were products of martial law, people with authority will repeat history no matter how big jurisdiction the person has with the position he/she carries. People with authority have tendencies not knowing how leadership is different from dictatorship and their only defense mechanism was a gangster mafia maneuver that results death to media people and competing politicians who wishes to reform. These gangster killings is not new in the South. I've been hearing broadcasters being killed from time to time. What we can do is to never be afraid of these people who are also afraid themselves.

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