Thursday, June 25, 2009

Anti-ConAss rallies and Dog Tag Day

My views regarding the issue of ConAss is kinda mixed up. This is how I understand it. The ConAss wants to pushed through the parliamentary system but will end up GMA running for office again. I have nothing against the parliamentary system since the countries I know using it prospers but the idea of GMA going to run again is a no-no for me. I also like to make my stand that I am not fond of GMA but having rallies that causes traffic is not my thing. If only they allow the suspension of work that day so the people can no longer have problem with the traffic. It's alright to listen to people during rallies but I beg to differ when they will take the streets. I also heard the employees working in Makati said what would the rally can do to make a difference when nothing ever changes. If only rallies were taken to events like the Ako Mismo Organization's Dog Tag Day. It would be much more meaningful. I saw lots of people making commitments in the wall. There were also individual campaigns from different institutions whose known for charitable works like World Vision, Gawad Kalinga, Caritas Manila and more. I think the Dog Tag Day meets the standards of making a difference to the country rather than the rally in Makati. This is just my view.

I was crossing via underpass towards Manila City Hall when I saw on the steps there was a guy selling them. I was curious that I asked how much he is selling, he answered 80 pesos. I won't blame him because not all were able to go to the event last June 12 and his reasons maybe because he want to profit. Most of the people don't know that the AKO MISMO Dog Tags are more valuable than 80 pesos. The dog tags were given to those who painstakingly fall in line just to go to the event and paid 40 pesos which proceeds to the charitable organizations like World Vision, Gawad Kalinga among others. The wearer of these dog tags are a proud contributors who wanted to make a change for the nation. It's like a merit badge. The fake ones are bigger than the one I have

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