Monday, July 13, 2009

Another Incident at Home

Last Saturday, A baseball went through our screen window in our second-floor flat and almost hit my sister in the head as it made impact on our divider that almost dropped picture frames on my baby niece on the other side.Our worst fear is that my niece could get hurt. My mother was asking through the window because people were staring at it and asking who hit the ball. An adult was shouting "Sori,sori" without answering the question. My mother ignored him and told us that at least nobody got hurt because tensions were really increasing. I answered back, "Just let them try claiming the ball back." Minutes later, 2 kids were knocking at the door. They were the owner of the ball because I saw them holding a bat and a glove. I asked them directly, "Who hit the ball?" They answered it was the the kagawad. I knew it. The kagawad was the one who was saying "sori" and was cowardly not accompanying the boys while claiming their ball were he should be apologizing to us properly. Just when I thought to complain in the baranggay which seem useless. That is why I never voted to any kagawad.I can see how illiterate the kagawad was since he might have not seen a real baseball game when he borrowed from the kids.I can see that the boys were sincere so I told them, "Boys, you could also get someone hurt here when you lend your ball and bat to that man. You could have paid for damages if there were any because you are the owner of the ball.This is a residential area(former squatter area) that is why it is played in the open field. Don't lend your baseball stuff to an adult again. Then,I gave their ball back.


  1. That's the problem with bad neighbors... you can't get rid of them and you have to learn to live with them...

    I think we all have bad neighbors living near our houses. People who think they own the entire block, just because they live there.

    Sooner or later they'll get their karma. In my case, a more assertive neighbor moves it and picks a fight with them (and they lose).

  2. Well said. They will get what they deserve.