Thursday, May 14, 2009

Pasay City Youth Homes Days 6-9

May 1, 2009
We're ending the second week with another film showing. I first gave my reflection before the feature film, Facing the Giants. Though it was in English, we stressed some major quotes that they may draw insights from.

May 4, 2009
The highlight of this visit was that we had games and a group dynamics. We had them made a tower made of straws and only masking tape. We divided them in groups and some of them has many straws and some has no tape and some has less straws. Then, we discussed their work and reflected.

May 6, 2009
We are now exactly halfway of our summer community exposure at PCYH. Yesterday, I got a call from a couple of my classmates who are serving their summer community exposure in Bicol. We were exchanging stories. For Day 8, I gave them a short pep talk and played a game. Afterwards, a group dynamics. We ask them to group themselves in four then gave intructions to secure an egg and make sure it doesn't break and protect it. They only will use straws, scotch tape, masking tape. 2 eggs got broken, 1 egg got it's shell cracked. Only 1 egg survived after two attempts of a fall and a throw. We ask them if they really took care of the egg. Because, they don't really secured it while they were given the eggs. Some made joke attempts of releasing the eggs. We told them if that's how they value some things in life if they were given responsibility. The only girl among the youth there will be released today.

May 11, 2009
Late post.We were informed that we have two new youths there.More like newly back. They were already admitted before.After our activities, we gave them an introduction and recap of what happened so far.

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