Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Pasay City Youth Homes Days 10-14

May 13,2009
We made them a challenging group dynamics we ever did. We tasked them in groups to make a picture of house, pathway, trees, Sun, using art paper, crayons, glue or tape. The only catch was this. They had to present their items that they have like their shirt, accessories, slippers, etc. for trade just to buy what they need. We gave them a piece of paper that has the conversion rates and the amount of the items they need to use. we had fun doing this. One kid even had to remove his false teeth so that they can have more amount.Hehe. The purpose of this was to find out how they plan their lives and how they can work their plan. We had so much fun that we even extended throughout noon hour. After this, we counseled two kids who will be transferred to another facility in Tanay. We told instructed them that humility is the best virtue they can use so that they may be given pardon so they won't lose hope. The Youth Home is only a temporary shelter for kids who's awaiting a hearing session for their cases. These two kids were already sentenced for their offense.The two will be transfer tomorrow morning. I only pray that the next time we will see them is when they are already released from their sentence.

May 15, 2009
We featured another family-oriented film,"The Homecoming". Though it's an American production, local company proovided a dubbed version of it. We were also visited by our Field Education Coordinator to oversee our area. We were also sad about the two who were transferred to Tanay. But, we will continue to pray for them. Thus,closing our fourth week.

May 18, 2009
On to our last week here at Pasay City Youth Home, we started the day with a singspiration and learning of new songs which we were to use on Friday for our Worship Service. We were led by Ptr. Johnny in our singing. DJ led our morning devotion and I facilitated a “group dynamics”. The youngsters learned cooperation, trust and security. Although today we had some minor issues with one of the boys the staff handled it properly.

May 20, 2009
Last two days of our summer exposure and today we get to watch a film which featured Dwayne “Rock” Johnson entitled GridIron Gang, a story about juvenile kids inside a probation camp which holds them. Dwayne in his role coach the kids into football which taught them discipline, respect and character. We thought this film will make the young men at Pasay relate themselves with the characters and just like what the kids did in the movie (which is a true story by the way) will make them choose the right one also someday. Our morning devotion and our movie reflection was led by DJ.

May 22, 2009
We ended our summer community exposure with a worship service.We invited our Field Education coordinator as speaker and the kids also gave their testimonies of what they have learned and what we also learned from them Then we had a fellowship lunch.

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