Friday, May 8, 2009

Blind Item

I mentioned in my earlier posts,specifically this one <> that I was wrongly accused by a contact in one of the areas I was used to assign. Though the work there still continues, word from another volunteer that the contact is still just as incompetent. Yearly during summer, the youth will also experience to volunteer in these areas because of the lack of manpower of volunteers. I'm glad that my sister was volunteering. The only problem is that the coordinator assigned my sister in that dreaded area in Interior Leveriza near Ninoy Aquino stadium in Manila. I fear that she might be mistreated there. Worse, that coordinator is aware that we're brother-sister. I texted her to assign my sister somewhere else because I still have bad memories regarding that area. No reply. I told her(the coordinator) that I already told my mother and sister regarding that area and that if she doesn't comply ASAP, I will ask my mother to withdraw my sister. The coordinator's response was: "Iba naman ang situation mo sa sister mo. Wala na kasi ibang area sa hapon, para di ka mag-alala, huwag mo na papuntahin sya". I replied back. You should considered that in the first place.If you have respect in me as I have respect in you, you shouldn't done that. OK, you win, My sister will not abandon her post since you lack the volunteers but my mother and I instructed my sister to report if there's something happened to her and the rest of the volunteers regarding that area. The only problem with the coordinator she was too proud to apologize. SHE SHOULD HAVE APOLOGIZE SHOULD HAVE ASSURED ME THAT NOTHING WILL HAPPEN TO MY SISTER AND WILL OVERSEE THAT AREA TO ASSURE ME. INSTEAD, SHE LACKS THE DIPLOMACY TO ANSWER THE RIGHT WAY.

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