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Trumpets Playshop 2017 Extends. The Third Wave

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know why after almost 25 years Trumpets  Playshop is still on stage

At face value, summer workshops like those offered by Trumpets are classes to get kids busy while school is out. You pay for a three to four hours of a day in a month of singing, dancing, rehearsing, vocalizing, stretching, and most of all having fun. Some parents underestimate the meaning of those hours in Trumpets Playshop to their children. Yes, they are away from those tablets and technological devices. They are playing without a screen and they are making friends minus the friend request button. They run around, they sing, they dance a little.  To most, it looks like child’s play because it is child’s play but behind it is something so much more. Playshoppers get a chance to explore what they can do and who they can be for their rest of their lives. Take it from Audie Gemora, who together with Butch Jimenez, started Trumpets as doorway for young kids into the endless possibilities of the performing arts. “It is a space – an venue for them to play, to discover what they are gifted to do,” expounds Audie who admits that they didn’t have that space when they were younger.

At around 16 years old, Audie sang in a high school play and found fun. At the time, he just saw it as something fun to do and not really a career path. “It really was just laro (play),” shares the veteran performer. But later on, he finds himself in Repertory Philippines during the late 1970s.  In the middle of a performance in 1995 was when he realized that this was what he wanted to do for the rest of his life. No one can deny that he was talented and passionate about performing. “But do not equate passion with talent. Those are two entirely different things… I had to earn passion,” he explains. Passion is when one perseveres to be better at what he or she is good at, which is his or her talent.

In Trumpets, Playshoppers get a chance to sharpen both their talent and passion. A perfect example would be Trumpets alumni, Sam Concepcion. At a very young age, Sam loved to sing and dance in front of crowds so his parents decided to place him in his first class with Trumpets, and was later on trained as a Trumpets Playshop Kid. . “I owe everything to Playshop,” Sam shares. “That’s the place I grew up in. Everything I knew about music, performing, acting, everything! At my very formative years, I was guided by Trumpets,” shares the singer, who is managed by Trumpets’ sister company, Stages. The actor, singer, dancer and host, cites Trumpets as a family to him and encourages people who like to perform to be part of that family.
And just like Sam, some of our young students turned professional talents as “Trumpets Playshop Kids” have been making waves in the current theater scene and as professional stage talents. Hand picked from the thousands of children who join the summer workshops, these talented kids have been honing their skills by performing on real live stages that include shows for various known brands and corporations, malls shows and musicals as well as being guests in concerts. These include Ericka Peralejo who played one of the orphans in Annie; Kaylene Francisco as Martha Cratchit, Andre Ruelo as Jonathon in A Christmas Carol; Gabo Tiongson as Tiny Tim in A Christmas Carol as well as Tommy in Playshop Playhouse’s Always Upon A Time; and Daniel Drilon and Anton Posadas in the upcoming musical, Newsies. And despite already having professional experience, these kids and teens always seem to come back home to Playshop every summer, to learn from the advanced workshop – turned theater group – Playshop Playhouse, which recently launched it’s first original musical last year called Always Upon A Time. Also, stay Tuned for the official launch of our new batch of Trumpets Playshop Kids on June 25!

On that note, even Audie can’t deny that in every Playshop, Playshoppers get a second family with no blood-affiliation except for everyone’s deep love for performing. “If you like to perform or like music and you don't have be great at it, that’s why you go to class: To learn. Everybody that I know joined never regretted it… It’s a family and it’s learning made fun,” Sam expounds. Joining the long list of Trumpets Playshop alumni are Alex Gonzaga, Nina Corpuz, Gab & Pao Valenciano, and of course, the new Engineer of Miss Saigon’s UK Tour - Red Concepcion - as well as alternate to Kim – Joreen Bautista, to name a few.

“I’m not saying all kids who are artistic will necessarily pursue it as a career but it will most definitely help develop any facet that they have. And they can use this later on, in whatever career they choose to pursue, even if it is not necessarily the arts,” Audie explains.  Nearing their 25th silver anniversary in the next year, Trumpets continues to be a haven and a home for young and aspiring talents. The secret behind lasting almost a quarter of a century is Trumpets’ genuine passion to nurture every child’s talent and skills beyond the stage. “We are after the childs full development. Its not just talent but their whole character is built… and they discover what their talent is for. So there’s a bigger picture,” he emphasizes. Trumpets aspires to be a fun and nurturing place to develop any Playshopper’s heart, mind, and soul. “The spirit of the child is as important to us as his talents. In fact, thats the more important thing,” Audie adds.

If you think that it’s all about jazz hands, memorizing lines, putting on a costume, and vocalizing do-re-mi, think again.  So for those who want to join our THIRD WAVE this year, ENROLLMENT IS ONGOING!

Trumpets Playshop’s Third wave of workshops will begin on July 16 in KIDZCITY at SM AURA and the 4th level of THE PODIUM! Available classes and schedule are as follows:

CHILDRENS MUSICAL THEATER (6-12 years old) – Mondays to Fridays from 10am-12 noon.

MUSICAL THEATRE for Teens and Aduls (13-19 years old) – Mondays to Fridays from 12:30 Noon – 3:00 PM

Recital will be on July 2, with a run through the day before (July 1).

Enroll now! Because in Trumpets Playshop, #TheBestofMe is a guarantee!
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