Monday, June 26, 2017

Abe Herma: Youtuber and T.A.P. Actress

A year ago, I was introduced to Ampalaya Monologues by Theater In Alternative Platform on its first anniversary. I was hooked not because I can relate to the stories but because they were funny and presented with appeal to modern audience. The Ampalaya Monologues are written by Mark Ghosn.
After the Ampalaya Monologues at Perfomatura 2017(CCP)

The term ampalaya was used to describe bitter relationships we all experienced. One of the popular Ampalaya Monologues is Patola 101: The Art of Making “Patol” or better known as “Past Tense, Present Tense. Nakaka-Tense!” It was presented best by Abe Herma. This is one of the favorite monologues of Team Ampalaya fans including yours truly. Currently, she is giving advice about relationships via her Youtube Channel.

Happy natal day, Abe!

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