Sunday, April 9, 2017

IT Infrastructure Summit 2017 introduces Digital Solutions to Philippines

With the implementation of the Data Privacy Act by the government, companies are surely looking for digital solutions provider that can suit their needs. It is also timely that there was an IT Infrastructure Summit 2017 and Computer Technology International and its local subsidiary, Computrade Technology Philippines launches their newest productions in digital solutions.
Computrade Technology Philippines Expands Enterprise Portfolio. Photo shows (left to right): Toto A. Atmojo, President Director of Defenxor; Teddy Sumulong, Managing Director of CTP; Rachmat Gunawan, Director of CTI Group; Stephanie Boo, Managing Director-APAC of Menlo Security; Pun Kok (PK) Lim, Managing Director for ASEAN of Nutanix and Siva Belasamy, Chief Executive Officer of Deep Identity.
Part of the reason for this summit to showcase and know how we can protect our data from hackers since the threat of cyber-crimes is real and it is no longer just happening in movies or TV. We also read how hackers even crack websites not just locally but also worldwide.

The products and partner companies for digital solutions distributed in the country are already being used worldwide and here are the following: Deep Identity: for customers who need to “merge data management and compliance of identity governance”, Menlo Security: for digital security, Nutanix: assisting clients to secure their data, and Defenxor: for Cyber-Security.

There are new threats adapting every year but if you are able to adapt as well with these digital solutions, your company’s data will be protected. This is why there are summits and conferences like these happening regularly.

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