Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Cesar Legaspi Centennial Exhibit

Each year, there are new artists emerged. They come and go. Most got famous after they lived and died. Only a few are recognized for their work within their lifetime but once they passed on, they are immortalized because of their work lived on.

National Artist Cesar Legaspi is one of those examples. His works are either in his family’ household or somewhere displayed in a huge lobby. At CCP, having your work displayed is not just a prestige but an honor. CCP values the works of artists like Mr. Legaspi; who is now celebrating his 100th birth year.

It is my privilege learning about his contribution to the art world because not all of his works were saved long before I was born. I was told that once before the opening of the Coastal Road, his work the Bayanihan was displayed as a fresco and that it wasn’t even given care to be transferred to another location.
Three-dimensional animated tribute
What makes Cesar Legaspi’s works interesting that he was commissioned to do portrait for the former first lady Imelda Marcos but he also painted some abstract works that shows the horrors of martial law. The exhibit of Cesar Legaspi is also curated by members of the family who are not just familiar with his works but also grew up with it.

This gallery is really worth going not just for the exhibit displayed but also for the experience. You are not just using your sense of sight but also hearing. Composer Ryan Cayabyab composed a song for the artist using the letters of his name as notes.

Even though Mang Cesar’s daughter Celeste became a popular singer, his granddaughter Clara continues her grandfather’s legacy. Using the theme of his lolo(grandfather), she uses modern technology like a projector to make his grandfather’s work moves.
Machina by Clara Gallardo
The Bayanihan of Cesar Legaspi was also brought back to life with the help of the Pampangan lantern makers. The new Bayanihan is not only displayed but it also has moving lights controlled at the rear part of the wall.

The exhibit of Cesar Legaspi is currently at CCP Bulwagang Juan Luna in the third floor of the main lobby for a limited time. For more CCP events, follow this blog and like L.E.N.S. blogs on Facebook.

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