Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Business News App Born2Invest’s Biggest Users Come from Southeast Asia, Russia

Press release

Born2Invest, the first and only multilingual news curation app for business and finance, is growing at a fast rate, with a large percentage of its users coming from Southeast Asia and Russia. 

Born2Invest chief executive Dom Einhorn said that based on Google Analytics data, the app’s English edition currently ranks number 1 in the Philippines, number 2 in Indonesia, and 3 in India. 

“There are little changes in rankings but we maintain the top three positions in these countries,” Einhorn said.

The app also maintains a strong number 4 and 5 position in Russia and Brazil, respectively. 

India, Indonesia, and Russia are the three fastest growing sources of downloads, views, as well as overall usage since January 2015. Statistics are expected to improve come the China launch sometime this year, given the size of Chinese-speaking population in the aforesaid countries. 

Born2Invest is available in Bahasa Indonesia, Bengali, and Hindi. Other language iterations are Macedonian, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Bulgarian, Czech, Ukrainian, and Croatian. It is also available in other European languages such as Turkish, Spanish, French, Portuguese, German, Bulgarian and Hungarian. 

M6 Limited, the company behind the app is aiming to be truly global by 2017, with all the 50 plus official languages in over 150 markets fully and efficiently covered. 

“To be precise, the app will be present in 190 countries with 54 languages to be rolled out within the next 6 months starting [this] January,” explained Einhorn. 

“We are confident about attracting new investors along the road as we are currently the biggest and most aggressive content curator app on the market. No other app or tech company boasts of such capacity or infrastructure we have now,” he added. 

For Einhorn, the quick rise of the app on global Android rankings is a major achievement for the company. The app, launched in Manila, Philippines in July last year, has been live for only seven months. 

The app’s uniqueness, in terms of its availability in various language editions, news curation process, and ad-free interface, has allowed it to gain attention from journalists, investors, businessmen, students, even regular news readers and ordinary app users. 

2016 and beyond

Push notifications also helped in boosting the number of time spent by users on the app every day, as well as the number of stories being read and shared across various social media platforms. 

The app’s availability on iOS has also expanded the app’s reach, thanks to the large number of Apple users downloading it and the enhanced marketing plan that the company has designed exclusively for them. 

From a small seed financing in August 2015, the company’s revenue based has improved to over $400,000 within the last three months of 2015. M6 Limited plans to raise a larger round of working capital to boost the company’s marketing and global expansion. During the course of 2016, the company expects to launch globally (across 50+ languages and 180+ countries), while  increasing its revenue run rate to $10 million+. The incremental financing will also position the company for opportunistic joint ventures and other growth-focused partnerships.

Along with this growth is the company’s commitment to delivering professionally written summaries of the relevant business and finance stories from the most revered news sources in the world. 

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