Saturday, September 26, 2015

My first Comedy Cartel experience

When it comes to comedy bars here in the Philippines, the first impression is getting embarrassed in public. The way comedy acts are usually done in this country is dominantly is embarrassing the patrons unless they drop the buck.
Dr. Bong Ramirez of Zen Holistic Center(left)

For Westernized standards, comedy acts are smart comedy when doing punchlines in situations. It also involves observation and quick thinking. Back in the 90's in the advent of internet, one Fil-Am stand-up comedian got noticed online because of his acts.

It is similar to Saturday Night Live which is the longest running comedy act on TV. The Comedy Cartel is the local group that holds smart comedy acts that caters to different types of audience without making fun of the audience.

I got to see four stand-up comedians with different styles of doing comedy acts. One of them is even a doctor named Bong Ramirez who owns a wellness center Zen Holistic Center and a practitioner of alternative medicine . One is a college student who told me that one of his influences was Chris Rock. One is also a puppeteer who already appeared in Pilipinas Got Talent. He uses three puppets for his act but owns at least twenty.

It also helps that some stand-up comedians who made it big on television like Ryan Rems help boost this kind of comedy acts. If you are looking for different kind of comedy acts that won't ridicule you, look out for the name Comedy Cartel.

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